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Contact Labels Now Available via API

CCP Tellus | 2015-07-13 14:51 | Comments

Along with the Aegis Sovereignty release, the char/ContactList.xml.aspx and corp/ContactList.xml.aspx endpoints on the XML API have been updated to include your contact labels.

The rowsets "contactLabels", "corporateContactLabels", and "allianceContactLabels" have been added, each with the columns "labelID" and "name". The column "labelMask" has been added to the existing rowsets. LabelMask is a bitmask of the labelIDs indicating which labels have been assigned to each respective contact, or zero if the contact has no labels.

Example XML

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<eveapi version="2">
  <currentTime>2015-07-13 12:23:12</currentTime>
    <rowset name="contactList" key="contactID" columns="contactID,contactName,standing,contactTypeID,labelMask,inWatchlist">
      <row contactID="90000002" contactName="Hemisphere" standing="10" contactTypeID="1385" labelMask="67108867" inWatchlist="True" />
      <row contactID="90000004" contactName="Comet" standing="5" contactTypeID="1379" labelMask="2097153" inWatchlist="True" />
    <rowset name="contactLabels" key="labelID" columns="name">
      <row labelID="1" name="Alts" />
      <row labelID="2" name="Evil Twins" />
      <row labelID="4" name="Label 1" />
      <row labelID="8" name="Label 2" />
      <row labelID="16" name="aoeu" />
      <row labelID="2097152" name="Label 20" />
      <row labelID="67108864" name="Label 25" />
      <row labelID="2199023255552" name="Label 40" />
      <row labelID="36028797018963968" name="Label 54" />
      <row labelID="4611686018427387904" name="Label 61" />
    <rowset name="corporateContactList" key="contactID" columns="contactID,contactName,standing,contactTypeID,labelMask">
      <row contactID="90000002" contactName="Hemisphere" standing="-5" contactTypeID="1385" labelMask="1" />
    <rowset name="corporateContactLabels" key="labelID" columns="name">
      <row labelID="1" name="Corp Spies!" />
    <rowset name="allianceContactList" key="contactID" columns="contactID,contactName,standing,contactTypeID,labelMask">
      <row contactID="90000002" contactName="Hemisphere" standing="5" contactTypeID="1385" labelMask="0" />
      <row contactID="90000003" contactName="Cosmos" standing="0" contactTypeID="1376" labelMask="1" />
      <row contactID="90000004" contactName="Comet" standing="-10" contactTypeID="1379" labelMask="3" />
    <rowset name="allianceContactLabels" key="labelID" columns="name">
      <row labelID="1" name="Alliance Friend" />
      <row labelID="2" name="Stupid" />
  <cachedUntil>2015-07-13 12:25:12</cachedUntil>

~~ CCP Tellus