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The return of the Developers blog!

Greetings, developers! Today's post covers Plans for developer-related news, an SDE update and clearing up an old "Temporary" alert that existed here. News update: We know it's been a long time since this page was updated, but it's time we have a home for third-party developer-related content once again. We had been using a combination of the forums, Tweetfleet Slack and Discord to convey messages, but having an RSS news feed enabled post and a clean-from-clutter central location for information was the most requested thing from the community, so resurrecting ... read more


SSO Endpoint Deprecations

Hi developer friends! We'd like to inform you of upcoming SSO changes which might affect your application if you are developing 3rd party apps using ESI or using the EVE SSO for user authentication. We'll be making the following changes on November 1st 2021. Deprecating obsolete endpoints The old OAuth endpoints oauth/authorize, oauth/token and oauth/verify will be deprecated. You should move your application over to v2/oauth/authorize and v2/oauth/token instead. The oauth/verify endpoint will also be deprecated, since the v2 endpoints return a JWT token, enabling your applications to validate the ... read more


V4 of ESI public character information to be removed on 21.10.2021

On 30 July 2020 in the ESI changelog we announced the deprecation of v4 version characters/{character_id}  ESI route on 15 September and subsequent removal on 21 September. Unfortunately we still see heavy traffic hitting that route which as of now has legacy status. Accordingly we've decided to postpone the (admittedly quite abrupt) removal. Its been rescheduled and now it will happen on 21st October 2021.  Please spread that information if you know any developer that might not follow changelog and/or Tweetfleet. read more