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YC118.8 CREST Features

Greetings all! There are some new and resurrected features coming to CREST in the YC118.8 release. New remote client UI feature: open mail template Resource: /characters//ui/openwindow/newmail/ As part of our ongoing work on smoothing the transition away from the IGB removal, the /characters//ui/openwindow/newmail/ resource has been added. This POST resource will take a subject and body, and optionally a list of recipients, and open a pre-filled mail window on the client, ready for the user to hit send. There are a few caveats due to idiosyncrasies ... read more


Reminder to Developers: No Scamming

Hello Developers We just wanted to remind you that using any of our tools that require you to sign the Developer License Agreement to scam other players is against the terms of the developer agreement. This includes the use of the SSO or other authed CREST endpoints. The relevant part is below 2. Grant of License 3. Developer acknowledges and agrees that no Application shall be used (a) to inject, deliver, or activate malware, worms, Trojan horses, or other bugs, (b) as a means of phishing or spamming, (c) as ... read more


Improvements to CREST endpoint Corporation structures

Hi all, CCP Bartender here! A quick note about some upcoming changes in the corporation structures resource. This resource was my first introduction to creating crest handlers, and as part of a routine review of the crest logs I have found that unfortunately it was not up to scratch. Two key issues have been found: Due to a caching bug, one hour after a user first requests their corporation structures the resource would start returning 500 errors. I typo'd the hell out of the resource ... read more