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Technical Note: Character ID Ranges

Greetings developers, Quick info dump here. Up until now, all character ID's have been totally sequential and existed in rigidly defined ID ranges. In support of the influx of new players from the Ascension release, we are laying the groundwork to move characters into a non-sequential range (much like citadel ID's). More news on that will come next year (no need to panic ^_^), but for right now, you should know that all new characters on singularity are being created with ID's starting from 2112000000. This change will be released on TQ next Tuesday, 13th Dec ... read more


Introducing the ESI API

The EVE Swagger Interface is a new framework developed by Team Tech Co to underpin the new ESI API. If you don't know what this is, you should go here to read the blog Introducing ESI - A new API for EVE Online. This blog will dive a little deeper into the design and technical specifics of ESI, going to get into the base design of ESI to explain a few basic principles of what's going on behind the scenes. Most of this is transparent to the front-end, but may be of interest to some ... read more


Legacy SDE discontinued

Greetings capsuleers! Along with the release of the Citadel expansion several months back, we improved upon the Static Data Export (SDE) by converting the remaining SQL data to YAML files. To aid in the transition and to give 3rd party developers time to migrate over to the new format, we had provided SDE builds in the old format alongside the new version after each release. We are discontinuing builds of the old SDE version builds. New SDE releases will be YAML only. That's all! Have a nice day. :) ~~ CCP Tellus read more