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Breaking changes and you - How to use alt-routes to enhance your sanity

Afternoon developers! We've mentioned it before, but I'd like to give everyone a clear best-practices guide to how to use alt-routes in ESI to maintain application stability against a constantly evolving API. Schedule of breaking changes Before I get into that though, we previously said we'd be updating a forum thread with all planned breaking changes to ESI. That's turned out to be a bad solution to letting you all know when we're planning to change stuff. It's hard for you to read at a glance, and it's totally outside the tools ... read more


ESI Mail Scopes Are Now Released

Greetings developers! Team Tech Co. is pleased to announce that all mails scopes (esi-mail.organize_mail.v1, esi-mail.read_mail.v1, and esi-mail.send_mail.v1) have now been released and are available for general use. We're excited to see what everyone does with them! (Thunderbird plugin, I want to believe!) However, I'd like to drop a quick reminder about section 2.3 of the EVE developer license agreement: 'Developer acknowledges and agrees that no Application shall be used [...] (b) as a means of phishing or spamming' Our third party developers have great judgement when it comes to these types ... read more


Technical Note: Character ID Ranges

Greetings developers, Quick info dump here. Up until now, all character ID's have been totally sequential and existed in rigidly defined ID ranges. In support of the influx of new players from the Ascension release, we are laying the groundwork to move characters into a non-sequential range (much like citadel ID's). More news on that will come next year (no need to panic ^_^), but for right now, you should know that all new characters on singularity are being created with ID's starting from 2112000000. This change will be released on TQ next Tuesday, 13th Dec ... read more