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CREST Renovations for June 2016

CCP FoxFour | 2016-06-07 18:58 | Comments

Hello everyone,

With DUST officially shut down as of May 30th I took some time to go through CREST and cleanup a bunch of things. The primary objective of this work was to remove everything relating to DUST from CREST, or more specifically everything not used by third-party developers for EVE. However, since I was making a number of changes that were going to break things anyway, I decided I may as well make a few other changes that will undoubtedly break other things. There are also a few smaller changes that don't actually break anything sprinkled into the mix for good measure.

These changes will be deployed on June 14th. Hopefully this is enough time for everyone to prepare for the changes. They are all live on Singularity now so you can go ahead and test against that to make sure your code works.

  • Market orders in the all orders resource are now sorted by order ID
  • /types/<typeID:integerType>/ is now /inventory/types/<typeID:integerType>
  • /types/ is now /inventory/types/
  • Removed "motd" from the root API
  • Added "id" to the market group "parentGroup" attribute
  • The root API is now just version 5; all previous versions have been deleted
  • "serviceStatus" in the root API is now just a string value and not a dictionary of "server", "eve", and "dust" values
  • "userCounts" is now "userCount" and a single integer value instead of a dictionary of "eve" and "dust"
  • Removed every CREST resource that only dealt with DUST and not used by third-party developers for EVE
  • The character resource (/characters/<characterID:integerType>/) v3 no longer exists and a new v4 has been added
  • The "navigation" resource (/characters/<characterID:characterIdType>/navigation/waypoints/) for setting waypoints has moved to /characters/<characterID:characterIdType>/ui/autopilot/waypoints/
  • The waypoints link is now found under character -> ui -> waypoints along with showMarketDetails and showContract
  • Links to characters that used to include the capsuleer link no longer do as that resource has been removed
  • Fixed an issue with some types throwing an internal server error due to graphic IDs
  • The market history resource has changed from /market/<regionID:integerType>/types/<typeID:integerType>/history/ to /market/<regionID:integerType>/history/ and now takes a "type" parameter exactly the same way the market buy or sell order resources do
  • Regions now link to the market history resource

The biggest changes for most third-party developers will be the changes to the type routes and the market history route. The types change has been a long time coming so that it matches the groups and categories (/inventory/groups/ and /inventory/categories/). The market history change is an even longer coming change. I just didn't want to break everyone’s stuff but since I am breaking stuff anyway, now seemed like a good time to do it.

Just as a final note, I am really sorry about all the things this is about to break. It breaks a bunch of CREST conventions, it breaks a bunch of people’s applications, etc. I wish there was a better way I could get this done but for various reasons we really needed to take the "just rip the band-aid off" approach and just get them done.

CCP FoxFour