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ESI Error Rate Limiting Goes Live On Monday

Team Tech Co | 2017-09-27 16:34

Hello space developers,

As stated previously, error limiting in ESI has been imminent since August 29th. Starting after downtime on Monday, October 2nd, Team Tech Co. will officially turn on the ESI error limit functionality.

If you're worried about invoking the wrath of the error limiter, you still have the weekend to check your application and clean up your code (you are backing off when you get errors, right?). The way to know if your software will be error limited after Monday is to look for the HTTP header X-Esi-Error-Limited in responses coming from ESI.

There are two HTTP headers being returned from ESI that will help ensure your app never hits the error limit. These are X-Esi-Error-Limit-Remain and X-Esi-Error-Limit-Reset. X-Esi-Error-Limit-Remain will let you know how many more errors you can make within the window of time defined by X-Esi-Error-Limit-Reset, which indicates the number of seconds until the end of the current error window.

What counts as an error? Any response in the 4xx or 5xx range will count towards your error limit.

If you have any questions or have a use case where this error limit would legitimately restrict your software then come talk to us on the #esi channel in the tweetfleet slack!

  • Team Tech Co.