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Improvements to CREST endpoint Corporation structures

CCP Bartender | 2016-06-16 14:40 | Comments

Hi all, CCP Bartender here!

A quick note about some upcoming changes in the corporation structures resource. This resource was my first introduction to creating crest handlers, and as part of a routine review of the crest logs I have found that unfortunately it was not up to scratch.

Two key issues have been found:

  1. Due to a caching bug, one hour after a user first requests their corporation structures the resource would start returning 500 errors.
  2. I typo'd the hell out of the resource route, and it was under the tree root /corporation/ rather than /corporations/. Note the lack of trailing 's'. As such, it is inconsistent with every other corporation resource.

In addition, it also wasn't discoverable because it wasn't linked to from anywhere, which is kind of a CREST faux pas.

The logs tell me (perhaps unsurprisingly given it's state) that very few people are currently using this resource, so with all the apologies in the world to my early adopters, I'm going to change the route to match the standard for /corporations/ resources.

The 500 caching bug has also been fixed, and I've added a very minimal corporations resource that just returns the structures resource link if you request a /corporations/<corporationID>/ resource, so the corporation structures resource is now discoverable.

This means that if you're currently using the /corporation/<corporation id>/structures/ resource, you'll need to update it to /corporations/<corporation id>/structures/.

This change is planned to go live on the 21st of June.

Thanks for your understanding if you're one of the few caught out by this.