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More Phoebe changes to char/CharacterSheet

CCP FoxFour | 2014-10-29 16:25 | Comments

Following my previous dev blog, Jump clones, implants, skills, and more, we have made a few more minor additions to the char/CharacterSheet endpoint.

Jump Fatigue Information

With the addition of Jump Fatigue in Phoebe it seemed appropriate to include it in the API for players to track their own characters information, possibly so corporations can track their members information to plan operations and/or for character trading. Being able to confirm a characters jump fatigue before purchasing seemed like an important thing. Looking at you Chribba and eveboard.

<jumpActivation>2014-10-28 17:33:41</jumpActivation>
<jumpFatigue>2014-10-28 17:33:35</jumpFatigue>
<jumpLastUpdate>2014-10-28 14:47:01</jumpLastUpdate>

Both jumpFatigue and jumpActivation are time stamps for when those counters expire. So in the above example the character will be able to jump again at 17:33:41 on 2014-10-28 and their fatigue will expire at the same time. jumpLastUpdate is when the last jump occurred by that character. This was included for those who wish to show something like what the EVE client does with timers (such as these). To If you wanted to show something like that you need a start time, and thats what jumpLastUpdate is.

If you would like to know more about these changes you can view the original dev blog here.

Remotely Moving A Clone

With Phoebe there are also new restrictions on where you can set your medical clone to. You can again read more about it in the dev blog linked above, specifically under the "Does this make it too difficult for new pilots to get out into 0.0?" FAQ. To help players track when they can move their clone again we have added the information to the API.

<remoteStationDate>2014-10-28 14:50:56</remoteStationDate>

Both of the above changes are now live on Sisi. So feel free to test away and let us know of any issues.

Thats all for now,

CCP FoxFour