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Removal of redirect from on Jan 7th

Team Tech Co | 2018-12-20 10:13

Greetings Developers!

Yesterday was a day of some disruption to ESI, for which Tech Co apologises. During the process of resolving yesterday's issues it was necessary to discard the DNS entries for As a result, ESI was for approximately 20 hours only available on

The URL has been the standard URL for ESI for approximately 6 months now, and the redirect from has been in place as a courtesy to allow developers some time for transition. It seems that Tech Co's communication on this matter has been below our desired standard and although most developers made the switch some time ago, not all developers were aware. For that too, we apologise.

For reference, the matter has been discussed on the #esi tweetfleet slack and was alluded to in a dev blog but was only explicitly stated in a tweet, which we do not consider a core communication tool.

Our initial decision yesterday afternoon was to not reinstate the redirect. Our reason for this decision was twofold: There had been a very reasonable amount of time to make this switch, and we did not wish to muddy the waters on this matter yet further. However, after internal discussion about the amount of frustration this decision caused and particularly considering we're coming in to the weekend before Christmas, we've decided to reverse that decision.

The redirect has been reinstated and will remain until Monday 7th of January. Third party developers, please consider this formal notice that you must update your esi URL's from to before that date.

Carry on!

- Team Tech Co.