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YC118.8 CREST Features

CCP Bartender | 2016-09-02 17:22

Greetings all!

There are some new and resurrected features coming to CREST in the YC118.8 release.

New remote client UI feature: open mail template


As part of our ongoing work on smoothing the transition away from the IGB removal, the /characters/<characterID>/ui/openwindow/newmail/ resource has been added. This POST resource will take a subject and body, and optionally a list of recipients, and open a pre-filled mail window on the client, ready for the user to hit send.

There are a few caveats due to idiosyncrasies in the eve mail system:

  1. Corporations, alliances and mailing lists are all types of mailing groups. You may only send to one mailing group, at a time, so you may either fill out the corporationOrAllianceRecipient field, or the toMailingListId field, but not both. You may send to specific recipients in addition to a mailing group. You can retrieve mailing list ID's from the XML API.
  2. There is a maximum number of recipients you may specify, currently set to 50. If you try to send to more than 50, everything after the first 50 recipients will be ignored.
    This value may be lowered in the future if we have spam or load problems.
  3. CREST will attempt to detect if you request a recipient character ID for a character that has not yet been created, and quietly remove the character ID from your recipients list as part of request validation.  However, due to underlying weirdness in the mail system our ability to do that without causing excess load is a bit spotty. I've decided to take a low tolerance approach to this, and CREST may elect to drop all recipients instead of just the incorrect ones. Ideally, validate your character ID's before dispatching them.

Restored tournament resource features: match frame data and match static data


Back in the day (by which I mean late 2013), CCP provided a neat-o set of endpoints that allowed CREST developers to request tick-by-tick gameplay recordings of Alliance Tournament matches, and create visualisation tools to reconstruct and play back AT matches. This functionality broke in early 2014, and has been unusable for two years. They're now back online and ready for use in Alliance Tournament XIV! You can also retrieve the replay data from tournaments that ran while the endpoint was non-operational, for your viewing pleasure.

-CCP Bartender