Static Data Export (SDE)

The Static Data Export (SDE) contains, you guessed it, static data for EVE Online. This includes things such as the universe data, ship attributes, market organization, what icons go with what items, and other such things that don't change between releases. The SDE contains several different formats for the data.


This data is in the YAML standard and is generally the new way data is created at CCP for EVE. This data includes such things as blueprints, certificates, graphicIDs, iconIDs, typeIDs.


We also include an SQLite DB file for universe data. Internally this data is in YAML but considering we package this into an SQLite file for our own use it was decided that was a better format than the thousands of YAML files. Specifically this is the universeDataDx database file.

MSSQL Database Backup

This is broken down into two files. The actual MSSQL database backup file DUMPreleasedate.bak and ebs_DATADUMP.sql which describes the database tables.