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CCP FoxFour | 2014-10-31 16:28 | Comments

Just over a month ago, in late September, we launched on Singularity. This was a huge step forward for us and something we have been trying to do for a while. Seeing it actually come to life was cause for great excitement here at CCP. Now that we have had some good testing on the site, which lead to a few changes and fixes, we are happy to move the site to production on Tranquility. Here is a brief overview of what has changed:

Required Forms of Payment

To log in and create applications on the developer site we require you to have paid us money at some point and have a validated email address. Up until now the only form of payment that was considered was credit card. When signing into the developer site for the first time we will now check if you have paid us with any of our currently valid payment methods. This should help a lot for those of you in countries where credit cards are not very common.

Developer License

The final version of the developer license agreement was published. You can view it here or when signing into the developer site for the first time. This does mean that to work with the SSO, and CREST in the future, you will have to agree to the license agreement.

SSO Applications for Tranquility

When you create an application on the developer site now it will be created for TQ and your applications will need to point to instead of

SSO Examples

Since the SSO is now going live on TQ I thought it would be nice to point out a few examples of the SSO in use.

  • edk_eve_sso - A plugin for the EDK Killboard by former CSM representative Two step. Give users the ability to comment on kills with their EVE characters.
  • flask-eve-sso-example - A simple example integrating the EVE SSO with Flask using the Flask-OAuthlib library.
  • eve-sso - An example of using the EVE SSO on Windows Phone 8.1


If you browse the resources section of the developer site you will notice that while it is a dramatic improvement over what we had before, it is still missing information and even has some sections that are completely empty. We have not forgotten about this and are still working on getting all those pages updated. We however have been spending a bit of time on a different bit of documentation.

Work has begun on creating a CREST resource that fully describes the entirety of CREST. When done this resource will be made available on both CREST and public CREST. You can see an example (please note changes may still occur) of what this will look like here.


If you were unable to attend EVE Vegas--which I highly recommend you do because it's awesome--you would have missed a great presentation by Capt Out. Capt Out is a former CCP employee who helped build CREST and has an incredible amount of knowledge about it. If you have the time I would seriously recommend viewing the presentation he did on YouTube here.

CCP + Open Source

We love open source stuff, we love seeing you guys open source your stuff, and we really love the general attitude of the third-party developer community of working together. With that in mind we have a few small things of note.

CCP Merc has begun work on a python library called crestClient and will push it to GitHub once it's closer to complete. I hope to contribute to it myself and hope that if anyone else out there has any suggestions on it contributes as well. You can watch the CCP Games GitHib to see when it is released, hopefully next week.

I have continued my efforts to contribute as well by committing and making pull requests to the python library for the XML API called evelink. The general idea being after we announce changes to the XML API I attempt to see if I can get them added to the library before the changes go live.

If you know of any other XML API or CREST libraries please consider adding them to XML API Libraries or CREST Libraires on EVElopedia.

That's all for now,

CCP FoxFour