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CharacterAffiliations and the Image Server

CCP FoxFour | 2015-05-15 15:45 | Comments

Hello devs,

Writing a quick blog to update you on two small changes that have been made. The first change is to the eve/CharacterAffiliations endpoint for the XML API. For those that are unaware this resource lets you feed in a comma separated list of character ids and get back basic information such as name, corp, alliance, and faction. See an example here. Up until recently the resource cached each characters information separately for 1 hour and then no matter what any of the cache times actually were it would say the page was cached for 1 hour. This has been changed to only cache for 15 minutes and return a cachedUntil value that is calculated to be the longest time of all ids requested. We will be monitoring this change and acting accordingly but we hope to leave it at this new 15 minute cache time. This change is live on TQ now.

The second change is to the image server. We have added CORS headers to the image server itself. This was deployed to Singularity on Friday May 15th and if all goes well it will be deployed to Tranquility on Monday May 18th.

That's all for now. Happy coding. :)

CCP FoxFour