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Industry Changes for Phoebe

CCP Nullarbor | 2014-10-10 00:00 | Comments

Hi Space Devs!

We have some changes coming in Phoebe for industry data. You should first make sure you are up to date with the player facing changes as detailed in CCP Ytterbiums developer blog Lighting The Invention Bulb. Then we can go through what impact this has for developers.

Static Data Export

To begin with, the static data export for blueprint data had some things moved around. Each activity type is now a string instead of a number so that we can produce a meaningful schema definition behind the scenes. The list of products, materials and skills have been turned into lists instead of yaml objects, for the same reasons.

The valid list of activity names are as follows:

  • manufacturing
  • copying
  • research_time
  • research_material
  • invention

You should notice that reverse engineering has been removed, and all ancient relics now have an invention activity. The consume flag which was present on some materials has also been removed, all materials are now consumed. You can see a complete example of the changes here:

      time: 1440
      - quantity: 2
        typeID: 20411
      - quantity: 2
        typeID: 20414
      - probability: 0.4
        quantity: 10
        typeID: 2025
      - level: 1
        typeID: 11433
      - level: 1
        typeID: 11455
      - level: 1
        typeID: 23087
      time: 30900
      - quantity: 1
        typeID: 40
      - quantity: 242
        typeID: 34
      - quantity: 148
        typeID: 35
      - quantity: 569
        typeID: 36
      - quantity: 1
        typeID: 39
      - quantity: 1
        typeID: 577
      - level: 1
        typeID: 3380
      time: 1800
      time: 630
      time: 630
  blueprintTypeID: 1128
  maxProductionLimit: 100


  • /corp/IndustryJobsHistory.xml.aspx
  • /char/IndustryJobsHistory.xml.aspx
  • /corp/IndustryJobs.xml.aspx
  • /char/IndustryJobs.xml.aspx

The authenticated jobs APIs have a new field related to invention called successfulRuns which will indicate how many runs resulted in a product being delivered. This will only apply to invention jobs which can now have multiple runs submitted but only part of them succeed. All other job types this will just be equal to the number of runs for the job.

Similarly the status column from the jobs resource which used to contain a success or failure state will now just indicate that the job was delivered.


  • 104 = Succeeded
  • 105 = Failed


  • 101 = Delivered

The successfulRuns field and the changes to status will be applied to all jobs returned from the API, including those that were delivered before Phoebe.

Phoebe SDE

There are a large number of industry related data changes for Phoebe as part of a complete invention rebalance. We have built a pre-release version of the SDE for you to have a look over. However keep in mind that this release is still not locked in stone, you can expect more data changes in the coming weeks.

We will provide a final updated SDE when the release hits on November 4.

That's it for now, thanks for being awesome and making great industry tools!