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Jump clones, implants, skills, and more

CCP FoxFour | 2014-10-09 00:00 | Comments

This is a fairly decent number of changes, one of which is backwards incompatible. Since these changes introduce backwards incompatability and potentially break some peoples applications we do ask that you let others know as much as possible and share this news around.


Multiple Character Training Information

It is already possible to see the skill queue for multiple characters. EVE Mon shows me both characters from an account that are training for example. What EVE Mon and other applications cannot do right now is remind you when your multiple character training is about to expire, or more importantly when multiple characters are not training and could be. With that in mind we have gone ahead and added the multiple character training information to account/AccountStatus.

<rowset name="multiCharacterTraining" key="trainingEnd" columns="trainingEnd">
  <row trainingEnd="2014-12-11 14:15:16" />
  <row trainingEnd="2014-12-11 20:20:20" />

The key part to look at here is the multiCharacterTraining rowset. The number of rows in this rowset will indicate how many extra characters can be trained. This should only return multi character trainings that end at a date later than when called, nothing historical (caching aside of course).


Home Station

This is a really simple and straight forward change. We simply added a homeStationID element to the result element.


Simple but hopefully useful.


There are three new elements relating character respecs, probably better known to you guys as neural remaps.

<lastRespecDate>0001-01-01 00:00:00</lastRespecDate>
<lastTimedRespec>0001-01-01 00:00:00</lastTimedRespec>

lastRespecDate is the date of the last respec including free ones while lastTimedRespec is the date of the last timed respec.

Unallocated Skill Points


That should be pretty straight forward as it's just a simple integer with the number of unallocated skillpoints that a character has.

Jump Clones

This is the largest addition to this endpoint and includes several different bits. All of this is meant to allow you guys to track where jump clones are, what implants they have, and the time until you can clone jump again. Should hopefully be some pretty useful stuff.

The first thing is the jump clone date. This is the time the last jump was made, you then add the base time modified by skills.

<cloneJumpDate>2014-10-08 20:54:50</cloneJumpDate> 

Next up is the jump clones themselves and should be pretty self-explanatory:

<rowset name="jumpClones" key="jumpCloneID" columns="jumpCloneID,typeID,locationID,cloneName">
  <row jumpCloneID="2" typeID="164" locationID="60014930" cloneName="" />
  <row jumpCloneID="4" typeID="164" locationID="60014848" cloneName="herps derps" />
  <row jumpCloneID="5" typeID="164" locationID="60014842" cloneName="" />

cloneName is something new that CCP Karkur added for Phoebe. You can now right click on a jump clone in the client and set its name. That name will then also be exposed here. The location ID might be a bit tricky when it's that of a clone vat bay, not entirely sure how you as a developer will be able to look that up. Didn't however want that to stop us from getting it into the API now.

The final section for jump clones is the implants for them and that will look like this:

<rowset name="jumpCloneImplants" key="jumpCloneID" columns="jumpCloneID,typeID,typeName">
  <row jumpCloneID="4" typeID="20499" typeName="High-grade Slave Alpha" />
  <row jumpCloneID="4" typeID="20501" typeName="High-grade Slave Beta" />
  <row jumpCloneID="4" typeID="20503" typeName="High-grade Slave Delta" />
  <row jumpCloneID="4" typeID="20505" typeName="High-grade Slave Epsilon" />
  <row jumpCloneID="4" typeID="20507" typeName="High-grade Slave Gamma" />
  <row jumpCloneID="4" typeID="20509" typeName="High-grade Slave Omega" />
  <row jumpCloneID="4" typeID="33068" typeName="QA SpaceAnchor Implant" />
  <row jumpCloneID="5" typeID="22119" typeName="Mid-grade Slave Alpha" />
  <row jumpCloneID="5" typeID="22120" typeName="Mid-grade Slave Beta" />
  <row jumpCloneID="5" typeID="22121" typeName="Mid-grade Slave Delta" />
  <row jumpCloneID="5" typeID="22122" typeName="Mid-grade Slave Epsilon" />
  <row jumpCloneID="5" typeID="22123" typeName="Mid-grade Slave Gamma" />
  <row jumpCloneID="5" typeID="22124" typeName="Mid-grade Slave Omega" />

With that you should have all relevant information for jump clones. If we have missed anything please let us know and we will see about getting it added. :)

Character Implants

Above we talked about implants for jump clones, and some of you may have noticed that included more than just the attribute implants where as right now the character sheet only tells you about attribute implants for your active clone. We decided to add all implants to your current clone, but that required a new format for displaying them, new code for processing the information, and a new DB procedure for actually getting the implant information. The result of that is that the old way of displaying implants in the XML API is being deprecated.

Right now the information is contained in an element called attributeEnhancers. While that element will stay, there will not be anything in it; the same as if the character had no implants. Implants instead will be listed in a new rowset called implants. All together it will look something like this:

  <deprecated explanation="This section of the character sheet has been deprecated. Please use the new implants section to get a characters current implants. Final removal of this section is scheduled for December 1st 2014. Thanks to kais58 and LuciaDenniard for pointing out how terrible I am at spelling." />
<rowset name="implants" key="typeID" columns="typeID,typeName">
  <row typeID="33516" typeName="High-grade Ascendancy Alpha" />
  <row typeID="33525" typeName="High-grade Ascendancy Beta" />
  <row typeID="33528" typeName="High-grade Ascendancy Gamma" />
  <row typeID="33526" typeName="High-grade Ascendancy Delta" />
  <row typeID="33527" typeName="High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon" />

If all goes according to plan, that attributeEnhancers element will be removed come December.


All of the changes described above are live on Sisi right now so you can go and test there. They will be deployed to TQ with Phoebe on November 4th. As some of you have been asking, yes once I am back from EVE Vegas I will also get the jump fatigue information into the XML API for Phoebe as well.

CCP FoxFour