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Return of the aggregated character stats

CCP SnowedIn | 2016-03-16 16:50

Greetings Space Friends,

 CCP SnowedIn on behalf of Team Tech Co here with good news about the aggregate character stats endpoint that some of you have built some amazing websites with in the past. As you may know when we had initially released it last year (powering fantastic apps such as by Bellatroix, by Aaeriele and by Lukas Rox), it was pulling data from Singularity and was accessible via:<characterID>/statistics/year/<year>/

Well, as of today, March 16th, 2016, the endpoint is back. It is based off of Tranquility, and it's available at:<characterID>/

You no longer need to request multiple times for multiple years, just once per characterID and you will get all of their aggregate years in the response. The response format a JSON dictionary with three keys, "aggregateYears", "characterID" and "characterName". The aggregateYears key contains keys of each year the player has aggregate stats for and each year should contain the same set of keys with values of how many times each action was performed by the character in the given year.

Authentication is handled via the characterStatsRead scope. Please ensure your application has access to use this scope in If you used the old endpoint in the past, your application will still need to be updated to make use of the new scope.

The data behind is not live data. Instead it will be routinely updated, but the process is not something that we are willing to commit any sort of schedule to.

 Please let us know if you run into any problems using the new endpoint. We're excited and looking forward to see what you make with it!

 As an aside for anyone who's interested, this is now the second endpoint we have running on our Kubernetes infrastructure on Google's Cloud Platform with being the first.


Happy coding!