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Updates for Equinox – Developers Edition

CCP Zelus | 2024-06-10 00:00

Our wonderful developer community, EVE Onlines' next expansion, Equinox, is here!

Let's dive straight into it.

SDE Update:

We mentioned in the last update that we planned on making a few changes to the SDE; the first iteration of that arrives with this expansion:

  • All yaml files now stick to a firm 2-space indent. [The inconsistency between 2 and 4 was angering CCP Stroopwaffel, so this has been adjusted]
  • The Korean localization (ko) was missing for types, groups, and categories, which are now included. This means that the SDE zip has grown by a few MB because of the increase in text
  • Some files have been renamed. Their contents remain mostly the same (except the added ko localization):
    • typeIDs.yaml => types.yaml
    • groupIDs.yaml => groups.yaml
    • categoryIDs.yaml => categories.yaml
  • The SDE now creates a bundle of additional files, instead of just 2:
  • a, with all the files users have grown to expect in it [1]
    • a, which contains the same files as in the fsd folder in the [2][4]
    • a, which contains the same files as in the bsd folder in the [2][4]
    • a, which contains the same files as in the universe folder in the [2][4]
    • a *.zip.checksum checksum file that contains the checksum of just that specific zip file
    • a checksum file containing the checksums of all the files in fsd and bsd, and the *.zip files. It does not include the universe files' checksums [3]
  1. There has been some folder restructuring:
    1. The sde prefix folder has been removed, so a sde/fsd/agents.yaml in the old SDE would now be in fsd/agents.yaml in the new zip
    2. the fsd/universe folder has been moved to universe. It is still technically part of FSD, just grouped by itself.
  2. The , and files contain the same files that would be in the fsd , bsd and universe folders in the, respectively.
  3. Since the universe set is very large in terms of number of files, these have not been included in the checksum output, simply because adding several thousands of lines would defeat the purpose of the checksum file. You can always check the checksum of the to see if anything in the universe has changed.
  4. The idea of the fsd/bsd/universe zip files is to allow developers to monitor only the datasets they are interested in. The previous SDE was ~100MB in size, and the lack of checksum of individual files meant developers were forced to download the entire SDE just to see if the files they were interested in had changed. This workflow can now be somewhat optimized:
    1. They can either check the *.zip.checksum files to see if any file in that collection has changed, or the checksum file to see if any specific file they are interested in has changed.
    2. They can then download the smaller zip file containing the changed files. For comparison, is ~20MB, and is ~26MB and contains only a few dozen files, which is easier to deal with than a ~108MB that includes several thousands of files.

Finally, two new files have been added to the fsd folder inside of (and the - planetResources.yaml and sovereigntyUpgrades.yaml

planetResources.yaml contains the resource output of each starID in the universe, as well as the corresponding Power/Workforce/Superionic Ice/Magmatic Gas per hour values for each Planet ID.

sovereigntyUpgrades.yaml contains the typeIDs for the new SovHub upgrades, upgrades name, corresponding with their Power/Workforce/Superionic Ice/Magmatic Gas per hour values.

The new SDE will be available on in the next few hours!

We're aware that a few localizations are missing in the SDE today; we plan on re-running the SDE deployment next week to ensure that the missing localizations are corrected and adjusted accordingly.


ESI Endpoints:

With today's update, no additional endpoints have been added. Data is being pulled from many existing sources, so current endpoints should continue functioning.

We are aware that there is a desire for new endpoints or modified endpoints for some of the features of this expansion, and we continue to monitor those requests. Where requests prove to be essential for multiple elements within the community to plan and develop supporting tooling adequately, it enables us to put development focus efficiently rather than develop potentially minimally used endpoints.


Additional supporting data:

The 2 new files added to the SDE are also available in xlsx format as well across 3 tabs:

Star (Power output) in each system

Planet resource value (Power, Workforce, Ice per hour / Gas per hour)

SovHub upgrade costs (Power, Workforce, Ice per hour / Gas per hour)

As we imagine, these are all desired by the whole community to facilitate the planning of galactic domination. We've made them available in a neatly formatted spreadsheet here!

The next update for now will follow next week once the new SDE is published. Until then,