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The end of public CREST as we know it

CCP FoxFour | 2016-04-18 14:19 | Comments
Hello everyone, Really short dev blog to give you all a heads up on a change coming with the Citadel release in how we handle CREST. We have made a fundemental change in CREST and no longer support public CREST. Instead of having public CREST for public resources and authed CREST for authenticated stuff we are now just going to have CREST on the domain. If you request a resource from CREST that should be public it will just work and won't require any authentication. Wonderful stuff this is! However we are unable to support public CREST when this change is deployed. We will add a 301 redirect from to but if your client doesn't respect 301 redirects you may experience issues. This change will be going live on April 27th during the downtime for the deployment of the Citadel release to TQ. CCP FoxFour read more