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And now welcome to

CCP FoxFour | 2014-10-31 16:28 | Comments
Just over a month ago, in late September, we launched on Singularity. This was a huge step forward for us and something we have been trying to do for a while. Seeing it actually come to life was cause for great excitement here at CCP. Now that we have had some good testing on the site, which lead to a few changes and fixes, we are happy to move the site to production on Tranquility. Here is a brief overview of what has changed: Required Forms of Payment To log in and create applications on the developer site we require you to have paid us money at some point and have a validated email address. Up until now the only form of payment that was considered was credit card. When signing into the developer site for the first time we will now check if ... read more

More Phoebe changes to char/CharacterSheet

CCP FoxFour | 2014-10-29 16:25 | Comments
Following my previous dev blog, Jump clones, implants, skills, and more, we have made a few more minor additions to the char/CharacterSheet endpoint. Jump Fatigue Information With the addition of Jump Fatigue in Phoebe it seemed appropriate to include it in the API for players to track their own characters information, possibly so corporations can track their members information to plan operations and/or for character trading. Being able to confirm a characters jump fatigue before purchasing seemed like an important thing. Looking at you Chribba and eveboard. 2014-10-28 17:33:41 2014-10-28 17:33:35 2014-10-28 14:47:01 Both jumpFatigue and jumpActivation are time stamps for when those counters expire. So in the above example the character will be able to jump again at 17:33:41 on 2014-10-28 and their fatigue will expire at the same time. jumpLastUpdate is when the last jump occurred ... read more

Industry Changes for Phoebe

CCP Nullarbor | 2014-10-10 00:00 | Comments
Hi Space Devs! We have some changes coming in Phoebe for industry data. You should first make sure you are up to date with the player facing changes as detailed in CCP Ytterbiums developer blog Lighting The Invention Bulb. Then we can go through what impact this has for developers. Static Data Export To begin with, the static data export for blueprint data had some things moved around. Each activity type is now a string instead of a number so that we can produce a meaningful schema definition behind the scenes. The list of products, materials and skills have been turned into lists instead of yaml objects, for the same reasons. The valid list of activity names are as follows: manufacturing copying research_time ... read more

Jump clones, implants, skills, and more

CCP FoxFour | 2014-10-09 00:00 | Comments
This is a fairly decent number of changes, one of which is backwards incompatible. Since these changes introduce backwards incompatability and potentially break some peoples applications we do ask that you let others know as much as possible and share this news around. account/AccountStatus Multiple Character Training Information It is already possible to see the skill queue for multiple characters. EVE Mon shows me both characters from an account that are training for example. What EVE Mon and other applications cannot do right now is remind you when your multiple character training is about to expire, or more importantly when multiple characters are not training and could be. With that in mind we have gone ahead and added the multiple character training information to account/AccountStatus.     ... read more

Lowering the blueprints cache time

CCP FoxFour | 2014-10-03 00:00 | Comments
When we launched the blueprint endpoints back in August we set the cache time to 24 hours. This was due to how heavy of a resource those endpoints can be and we were concerned about performance. Now that the endpoints have been live for a while and we have been able to monitor their usage and impact we are ready to lower their cache time. For now that means going from 24 hours to 12 hours. We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes. This change is on Sisi now and will probably go to TQ on Monday October 6th. As always, enjoy and let us know if there are any issues. :D CCP FoxFour @CCP_FoxFour read more

A note about caching in public CREST

CCP FoxFour | 2014-10-02 00:00 | Comments
We deployed two updates to public CREST today aimed at increasing our caching performance. The end result is that you should start seeing more cache hits on public CREST. Along with that however you will also notice a new header being passed. This header has been in CREST for some time, but was just added to public CREST with the cache changes. You should now start seeing X-Cache-Status returned with all requests which will tell you if you got a cache hit, miss, or expire. For the nerdy who want to know what's going on behind the scenes: Up until recently the public CREST NGINX config was very straight forward. Your request came in, we did some finagling, and then that same route did the proxy pass upstream. We recently split this up a bit and the proxy pass is in a sub-request now. To get ... read more